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Peterson's Lab has decades of expertise in the area of recombinant proteins. Please check out the following areas and related products. 

Cell Therapy

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Cell Therapy is a rapidly growing form of therapy that transplants living or bio-engineered human cells into patients in order to treat cancer or other disease. The goal is to spur the body’s natural immune response by inputting new cells as a substitute for damaged ones. In Peterson's Lab we have the expertise to provide the exact recombinant proteins for cell therapy use and have an entire research team dedicated towards cell therapy.

Cell Culture

We provide animal-free growth factors for cell culture, with defined and consistently high quality.

Research Use

We have customized a broad line of products for research use including Cytokines (IL, FGF, CXCL, CCL, NGF), Chemokines, Growth Factors, Hormones, Enzymes, Ubiquitins, etc.


Please go to CUSTOMIZED SERVICES and tell us your special requirements.

Cosmetic Use

When Peterson's Lab was reopened in 2015, we decided to expand our areas of application. As cell therapy is changing the medical industry, bioengineering is also influencing the cosmetic industry with endless new possibilities. See below for more information on what we bring to the cosmetic industry:

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